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upper surface of the soft palate striking the end of the rod as

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the profession announced the harmlessness of chloral hydrate it

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fifty cases, has met with several instances of aphasia in which Broca's con-

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Mortality in Cities in the United States. — The following' tuMe rep-

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some peculiar idea of her physician, the patient had starved herself for

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in typical cases, that the pain returns just as soon as the

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The author regards the faculty of immunisation as a physiological

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they are most common of all on the aortic valves. Ossification the

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blood is thus diverted from the clogged tubules. The real

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not necessarily tuberculous. If there are decayed teeth, one is apt to

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santonin and calomel, as described under Ascariasis. Flynn reconi-

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of * Bitter Creek,* close to * Wild-cat Run.* It is indigen-

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Upon all the above subjects special committees have been

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second, a bright healthy-looking child about two years old, who also had

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Abernethy, in his Lectures, records the case of a man who

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advise such operators having the injections performed on

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the Carnegie Laboratory, made careful biological study

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a basin of water. The canula and the tube were retained.

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organisms, and Fillers has recently discovered the bacillus pyocyaneus

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such as morphine, strychnine, etc. The liver is believed to exert a

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The effects of this balance are singularly remarkable ; they

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temperature and night sweats. This tumor persisted for a fort-

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Bromidia. Was called suddenly early on morning June loth to see Mrs. McG.

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