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2d. Practical Medicine and Obstetrics; report adopted.
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disease has extended to the broad ligaments the author
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4. Hesselberg, Cora: A Comparison of Autoplastic and Homeoplastic Trans-
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bathe with warm water, which will induce them to bleed
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Centralbl. f. Bakteriol. u. Parasitenk., Jena, 2. J., v. 3 (9), pp. 265-268;
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conditions of the City of New York than the report made by the Council
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legs. After the completion of the ceremonies the oc-
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and second it is dedicated to Mr. Lawson Tait, of England,
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tion among this series. As a rule the course is more favorable than in the
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or more effectively than old straw, hay, or manure heaps,
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precautions, of which more hereafter. Meanwhile, a short
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third factor is not so great as of the other two, but can be shown by the
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shown by the met, that in plants whose bilateral leaves habitually grow in such
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with in the Hmbs on the same side as the cerebellar lesion several explana-
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disease, may be enabled to continue its labours, and thus may time
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below costal border in right mammillary line; the lower border is smooth
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alteration of cutaneous sensibility, but electric sensibility was almost abolished.
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two years old, 519 ; under five years old, 567. Diar-
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Inciting Factors . — Various forms of trauma, prolonged
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school hospital is for the purpose of instructing students, and that
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troitus or within the vagina. The bleeding from the
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patible with physiologic principles clarified since that
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ipecac, gr. ss. and opium, gr. ss., to be given every three
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tion has shown no muscular weakness or abnormality of reflexes.
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Facilities for Teaching — Abundant laboratory space and equipment. Three large general
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New York Post-Graduate Clinical Society, in January (reported in
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the interference with the process of digestion, will certainly
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'59082 Gamble, F. W. Flat-worms and Mesozoa. (Camb.
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him that this was the case. In the course of this year the prac-
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as I could. My first thought was, " What can be the trouble
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fundus of gall-bladder with French needles. Small aspi-
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led us to believe that the presence of pneumococcus in the blood
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34. The same Patient, after Removal of the Tongue, a month later.
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about the beginning of the present century, and what they are