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in the muscles, with loss or modification of the electrical reactions in the

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the first instance with the object of becoming completely developed men,

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His enthusiasm and interest in this County Association was

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the projectile, the appearance of the wound of entrance and its

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causes. It is frequently found in individuals who are intense mental

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numberless tragedies and untold injury to feeble-minded

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" The following conclusions respecting the consonance of the thoracic

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Patient, aged 24, had both forearms severely burnt with boiling

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Africa on a fact-finding mission. As representatives of

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Food box: Contains hospital stores or containers for the same.

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in such a way as to have a great tendency to exude by the mucous

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been yearly supplied with the volumes. The Epitome condenses these

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be successful in restoring the foot. In one case in which

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2. Debility, lack of strength and endurance to a greater or less

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kindled heat enough to cause motion in the stomach and

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Further in the same passage we read : — " When the

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reach eighty or ninety years of age are not free from this trophic

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New York University School of Medicine; Ph.D. 1979,

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and at the same time the excretion of sodium chlorid in the urine is

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Throughout the year. Professors Hektoen and LeCount.

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change in the stomach, being o.xidized by the gastric

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are developed as the result of nephrolithiasis, a spontaneous

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rent: its nature, tension, intensity; the resistance and susceptibility

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Nervine, has now two houses for the reception of cases of

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ples of Ann Lee, is, according to the testimony of a seceder, not up to

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From all these facts M. Ghauffard thinks that he may draw the conclusion

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surface left by the separation of the slough of super-

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344 Continuing Medical Education Activities in California, Hawaii,

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from seven to fifteen lines in breadth, and from one

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of placarding houses and instituting a state of quarantine, advocated by some

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uterine wall was incised and five minutes after starting