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one than anything we have in the Dominion to-day — it is certainly
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cerumen was found, which was removed, and the hearing-
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universally by the surgeons of his time. When not engaged in
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A sliort time aijo, a woman came under my care who had
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float around in the intestinal juices or with the blood currents or through the
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tion of the oral hydranths of the apical and basal pieces. And in
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the anterior pyloric wall. This approximation of sur-
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roundings, the question of subinvolution of the uterus, fissured
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ion concentration. Thus in concluding it is pointed out that the
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smaller private asylums and lunatic wards of poorhouses which were
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to being a difficult procedure, the damage of the j
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duties of a large and laborious practice. Early in the spring
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viride has been warmly praised by Fearn and Ken3'on. The
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tation, a number of lesions were described as transformations or exten-
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the fund. The third most gratifying and important fact was the sub-
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for the purpose.^ Each instrument had its " little day," and then
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till all has been gone over with the brush. This is very
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it seemed too big a subject to tackle, the disease seemed
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343 pp., is published by the American News Co., 119 Nassau St.,
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sterile culture or Lustig's preparation, a serum is obtained which is protective