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the carbonic acid in the soil, and larger amounts are found

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between the vagina and the neck of the bladder was sufficiently large

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whence a mite immediately crept forth, leaving no other mark than a red

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years he has treated about thirty cases of puerperal fever with

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cine should be read with interest by those whose fut-

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exclusively to two objects, viz. progressive general im-


made into cakes and cooked ready for use, then packed

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also fear of society, which was an annoyance to her-

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80 also compression of the limbs, or binding them with a ligature — procedures

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materies morbi not necessarily arising from a previously infected organism

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and, estimating 80 per cent germinating power, sown as

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made in all of our cases. A leucocytosis was present


others, also, of extensive experience of the inefficacy of quinine in these

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dance. Here, then, is a picture which leads us to conclude

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ing statement may be interesting. Dr. Fell of London, gave

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fell naturally to the laboratory, the latter to the medical service.

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immediately behind the pancreas, the superior mesenteric vein and

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meeting, delegates being present from California to New York.

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termined, the number whom it would be necessary to immunize could

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the barrel upside down, and form the nest on the ground.

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If we are working in a canal of doubtful curvature with an

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instance, with a condenser such as the laryngoscopic mirror, or

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sudden alarm takes the first place. It can be traced in a considerable

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other sources of infection ; history of other persons who

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more subject to disease than all the other portions of the lungs.

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existence of ulcer, or its position when diagnosed.

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may be recognised without the use of the polygraph or

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enough carbohydrate to explain the development of gas by the colon bacillus,

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within a few months. In some instances, however, the pulmo-

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either in prose or poetry, though well meriting descrip-