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countries, or where science of any kind is concerned in

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slowing of the pulse. This slowing is caused by stimulation of the .vagus

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nucleo-albumin of bilious urines may, like the bile-pigments, be derived from

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trouble is that most- professional men cannot or will not

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Plans are almost complete for a Local Baby Welfare Week to be

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protozoal parasites tend to persist in the blood of the host for along time even

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observable in that situation, you will perceive a local cedema which

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curative remedies which count for nothing and do harm

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If the pleura has been injured, the intrapleural method should

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either we call each individuum a species, or we admit only a sin-

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ally about twenty-four hours. Should it be necessary to use

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50-60% of the red corpuscles infected in some cases; they state

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and providential one for the inmates of the hospital, and demon-

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speed rotating instruments are available for use by all students. A new

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1906 a.— Migration of helminths <N. York M. J. [etc.] (1416), v. 83 (3), Jan.

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side a relatively pure serous effusion, moderate in amount ;

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and from compression of the lung by the masses of fat

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almost always single, and its consequence is paralysis of the opposite side

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factor in question is produced. The fact however, that certain im-

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that the mere sitting upright in a chair, without any support for

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for instance, beneath a floating kidney, I usually begin

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barracks, and certain civil buildings such as schools and a few of the old

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Dart, Frederick Howard P. & S., N. Y., '84 Niantic.

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tolled. Those holding positions in the service of the State owe to these

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warm blood through the nerve centres ; and these, further, may be stimulated