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It is of the utmost importance to us, as American citizens, to in-

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surely avoid the overheating of the body, which is always con-

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The pathology specimen consisted of a large ovoid-en-

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It is nine inches long, and weighs not quite one-and-a-

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of wandering from the subject in hand. If I am guilty of any

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either a visitation from the gods as a punishment for his mis-

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and proceeding only through a short distance in a coil (4 to 5 cm.); and

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drawn attention tins evening. He had no doubt as to

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before treatment, put on clear saline and stirred it up so as to get an

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oxen to the eastern coast. While on the way down, some of his

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" The inhabitants of a village of Eycaux had married among them-

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tic condition gradually gave way; — health is now being

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must have been present in the muscles for many years.

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" We can speak very favourably both of the letter-press and of the plates, and as a large

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convulsions occurred. They almost all sank very rapidly ; death

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tampon was good, became extremely critical. In nine cases

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ber of specimens illustrating the formation of fibrinous

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cerous nature and throws discredit upon the views advanced by many,

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Nervous symptoms, if accompanied by high fever, restlessness, and

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1 he author next introduced Hon into bis arrangement, by which

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and assumes the aspect of a consumptive person. This appear-

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Rectal examination unsatisfactory, the patient squirm-

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At this time the result of our investigations will not permit us to


been given every hour during the day and every two hours during the

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fourteen years, 1; sixteen to twenty-six years, 4; thirty-one to thirty-six

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In the month of November I visited her at her home, and found

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other part of the growing body should be daily exercised in all