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admit it, however, when it is pointed out to them that the scar is visible.
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2. This support is endangered by DRGs and the State
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the belief, in a vague form at least, was there (Tambornino, op. cit., p. 57).
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not space to dwell upon this portion of the work, but
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tacking old and young. It first appeared in Manchioneal,
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nary (phthisical) mortality among the earthenware workers appears to arise from
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an operation deemed inadvisable, and palliative treat-
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simplicity, however, the first method or double insertion, is equally
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Morax's bacillus, specific diplobacillus of subacute con-
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of the naso-pharyngeal and nasal resonators, that is, there is
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number of the Boston Journal a lengthy trial is published in
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tablets to Presidents of the Society, Jacob Pattisson and P^rancis P^^oulke, who
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the subject to a charitable public. The latter person
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treatment. The Loeffler bacillus has been found in healthy throats, although
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should be well rubbed with a stiff brush. Electricity has
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The view that amenorrhoea may be due to suppression or diminution of in-
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pests to man, though their attack on animals is not com-
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Veratrum was given until the pulse was reduced from
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log cabin to the marble palace — from the picketed fort to
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cinated ; and although they continued to reside with their ailing sister
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to the heart and to the nervous system become well marked. With the
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association with Graves' dermopathy, which is character-
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shock is severe and likely to prove fatal, or in which the
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Eyes : Pupils reacted equally but sluggishly. The left pupil
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modifying its therapeutic properties, the action of heat at 100° C.
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BEEF PEPTONOIDS in 16 oz. tins, which will be sent to any physician's address, post
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the different tissues in this regard has been studied by feeding cats
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succeeded in lowering the temperature, sometimes by 3-4^ C.
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student is assigned to an attending anesthesiologist.
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tical eye, Mr. Editor, can only be accounted for on the
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down in a few minutes, a process which could not be accom-