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Symptoms. — The disease begins with a chill, soon followed by

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persons as late as one month after the ingestion of large doses of

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cortex, extravasations of blood are often found, is m. some parts

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other hand, if attended to early, more especially if the patient be a

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the pains which accompany muscular fatigue : they compare them

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It has been known for some time that if massive doses of emetine

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storm drainage, and proximity to water-supply. Given

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aged to pick up a choice vocabulary of slcing. Some of us think the "Story

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its central half brown and dry : the infiltrated ab-

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and therefore not objectionable in the proportion left by Uie process. Whilst the

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contents were evacuated ; for the true cyst was entire, and it

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side. I lift up the peritoneum as before, transfix it, place the

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vomiting and but little complaint of spontaneous pain. The abdomen

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sition so as to be seen in the glass. When all was arranged, I directed her to

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position, with the amino groups in the a position. Produced in the

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published by him for the express purpose of showing how constantly this

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chanical principles involved: and a description of the anteropos-

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dulness was in no way modifiea by change of position.

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he was not aware that the procedure had ever before been sug-

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divergent results, however, should not shake our confidence in the

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better physical condition when they received the pneumococcus vac-

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that they all require cow's milk, even were there no objections to them on

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Our experience has been confined to adults, but Vincent's angina is also seen

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California, 1960), Assistant Professor of Physiology

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ious as the layman is often inclined to believe. Nine-tenths of

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you double your amount of heat. We, moreover, know the amount

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Description. — Goldenseal has a thick, yellow rootstock which sends up an erect,

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men, many of whom require immediate surgical attention

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to patent points of quill made in a way invented by my;*elf full thirty

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ress and stealthy invasions of the lung fever, and to con-

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glands felt. Her appetite is good ; she eats largely. She seems

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not unfrequently lead to doubts and misgivings in the minds

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right leg, and was opened. He had necrosis of the right tibia, but sub-

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coronet are implicated, and that a great deal of the early

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encouraged to use his arm. In one or two months the junction will

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glass fruit jars. The household kitchen will be apt to

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In order to protect the workman from the harmful effects of these

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to the provision of the statutes which compelled them to do so, as they

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The whole of the right lobe of the liver was hollowed out into

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Gunshot contusions. — Slight and relatively unimportant con-

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