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proportion to his body, the greatest circumference being 21 inches.

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left hand against two bones in lesion, slightly below

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ruptured on the 7th, but some hours elapsed before the head

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other end of the ridge-pole. Nos. 1 and 2 mark the positions of the four

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atmosphere does not become sick until a month after it has been re-

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1912. He had been suffering from a chronic infectious arthritis of the

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Dr. William T. Cheatham, son of Isham and Jennie Wood

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swelling was reddened, and the subjacent glands were beginning

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conversation and action. A man in whom truly there was no guile.

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largely the result of educational propaganda launched by this

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attitude of the fetus can thus be ascertained in post-mortem specimens

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as soon as ever any circumcorneal injection or loss of gloss of

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after being attacked my hands were at the worst stage.

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that a bad anatomical result gives good functioning in only 29.7 per

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entirely due to the antipyrin. It has surely come to be considered now

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development of the jaw and produce irregularities of the teeth.

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part of the husband as follows : 'Tt would be a proposition utterly

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children, knows that it is just in these cases of pneumonia of the apex that menin-

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they took to be spores and spore-bearing cysts were really processes

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uterus is almost invariably so. The polypus is also, in these cases, of

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directly or indirectly into our drinking water, as any-

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hours after the ingestion of the drug, Dr. L. E. Lemen,

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skirts, then square and fit them to the animal by placing the canvas cincha

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of the jaw : the pinna was surrounded and incorporated in

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of feeble and exhausted conotitutiona, wliether occur-

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shows normal cholesterol levels with an increased content of

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together with the new lymphoid tissue, make it seem likely that this

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to those found to occur in the rabbit, if not identical with them, namely,

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j ows, they flit across the pages of a foi-gotten litera-

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not as yet occurred, the diagnosis may be attended with diffi-

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action that they cannot use these articles even in mod-

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