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fected patient. There should be fires on the decks to overcome damp-

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when an operation is declined, and, second, when the physician is not

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This Subject Catalogue contains the titles of about one-half

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he had better take up a distinct line and give in detail, so

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it appeared to dart through the centre of the testicle, but ceased in

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occur to him. Two diseases for which poliomyelitis is especially

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" Everything was supplied in abundance, and it will i^pesr

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diseases are those which belong to inland cities in

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same zeal, and with as much profit, as our American students now

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tory sinking of the same, and in both acts the epigastrium is

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further signs of the disease ; others go on without

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not able to produce disease. The skin and the mucous membranes which

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the blood gradually returns to its former condition. As the dose is

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»«. NOI1MAN SULKIM-Wllli™ N„l R„„„| d , Pro ,„„, „, Ano „„ v

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should be flushed with an efficient antiseptic solution. The result is to

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itig Poti^ Gmrriwity Regiment. As they are also held personally re-

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child, you will notice that the child's spine is bent like a

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post mortem had a blanched appearance. But we must also remember that

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i'he child was singing cheerfully in the morning (, as she was a beautiful

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ingham, M.D.V., of the Bacteriological Laboratory, Harvard

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There is another point to which I called the attentios

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On July 5th, 1872, I was called to see a little boy, whom I

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from the diaphysis of the bone a portion several millimetres in length, and yet

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once been benefited by cod-liver oil and the phosphate of iron, I

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quicken the rate of the heart they are called " positive chronotropic,"

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Microscopic examination showed the material of the new

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2d. If the lesions, although localized, have invaded

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To that end I will ever strive for skill in the fulfillment

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The, Infltience of Poverty, etc. — That poverty and bad hygiene have an

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an ever present risk of perforation or abrasion or wounding of

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Symptoms. — I will first give the symptoms of that form of the

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ing body, which has been used as a substitute for saccharin, was