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material. In the aged we must be on the lookout for hj'postatic pul-
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made known by the scientific press. Such has been the case fol-
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their train disease and death. Do this, and soon every Yural
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alcohol, in whatever form, should be prescribed with as much
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syphilis varied from four to eight months. The pain begins
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males and 110 are females, so that it would appear that the disease is
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monitor cable can be fixed with abdominal or thigh binders.
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the iseat of disease for which the operation was performed. In the first case
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President, Sir Thomas Barlow, Bart., K.C.Y.O., M.D., London.
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Despite the advances in medicine in the major cities, bloodletting, purg-
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object desired and prompted — of either separately aDd of both collectively —
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found in rain-water must have been washed from the air, or
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pins, small coins, marbles, pebbles, teeth, bits of slate pencil,
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Have the pupil begin at the top of the test card and read aloud as
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support. ' After replacing the womb, he directed that it should never again
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will not hold good as regards the future, although more recoveries
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Chronic Diarrhoea Treatment. — The first thing is regulation of
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using copper and then manganese. Copper in bacterial
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ing forth in the light of truth and practical success our
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bladder formed one cavity; and so completely was the septum
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ously adapted only for cases in which the stricture is in front of the membranous por-
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with King's College, others with Marischal College, while some were independent : —
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variety of different authors, which prove that in a
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Septic Meteitis. — Metritis following confinement will
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until the dirt has become soft. Rinse out the sponge as often as
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made to follow, with the pointed stick, or by means of a glass
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leaving such an atmosphere may occur. When air about 80
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County 20.5 25.1 22.0 16.1 10.9 13.3 10.0 9.45 8.1 6.58 5.09
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this era, we may briefly allude to the researches of
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substance abuse and addiction always gets worse while it is ignored.
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American ideas in the matter of excision of the knee.
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it m both directions as the successive sutures are introduced.
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rated without much difficulty. Liver much enlarged, gall-
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Exceptionally, as in other forms of serous inflammation, the
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j£ong &^oint, ana it* vicinitis, to anu diatance.