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I with occasional tumefaction and fever. The mother

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this affection, and the treatment recommended by the essayist,

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is to say, the capillary system produced by the different vessels does not

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A vote was taken on referring it to the Committee of

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1 Supplied from the Medical Staff Reserve or from the Militia Reserve.

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1. Subscription blanks (^'■^ Forms of Adhesion*^'). —

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bases have contained the microorganism only slightly less frequently.

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The effects of cold, like those of heat, maybe general or local.

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incisors remain the same' during the second year. At two years,

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(/) If rendering an intimate service it is best to wear a gauze

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700 gm. of meat to the dog the maximum increase of metabolism

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ter, keeping it by the fire till the butter is melted ; stir into

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observable in that situation, you will perceive a local cedema which

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alcohol. The question is whether these latter agents

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Take pearl barley, rafins fplltj and Turkey figs fliced,

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1796. Dr. Lewis Collin-, on the mosl eligible mode of increasing

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in the district of Columbia, or one of the adjoining

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the pains which accompany muscular fatigue : they compare them

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atous eruptions; the rapid anaemia, the tendency to capillary hemorrhage

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1914 The tract of Lissauer and the substantia gelatinosa Rolandi.

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so urgent, I made an examination soon after my arrival. Found an im-

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