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musty corridors; remember the tests we passed and those we did not.
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be trained over such a period that all the advantages gained from
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paper which he thought called for comment, and that was the use of silk
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account of its originality, and from the fact that it
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mation of the deeper part of the urethra, the membranous
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can be regarded as a significant symptom is the discovery of
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torney decided that an autopsy should be performed.
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the swine, they should be put up, and become accustomed
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bowels were in a very bad state, and had been almost in
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child, you will notice that the child's spine is bent like a
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the dysentery which generally, sooner or later, supervenes on this habit, the
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energy, the loss of thousands of lives and some hundreds of millions of
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aortic valves thickened, so as to cause an open space in their cen-
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yoQ tiiat this sugar was not formed in the blood itself, bnt that it was
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struggle violently, get imprisoned, as it were, in their narrow
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the chest] . If the pleurisy have been severe, the effusion becomes
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Ever since it appeared it has been everywhere considered as
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The strain of modern warfare brings into prominence the individual
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rectum, or in the digestive disturbances, and at the end of June
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cases to the Jilaria observed by Lewis, in chyluria ((76/., 1873. 335, 480),
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what shall we say of the old, when its ablest advo-
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affected than females, in the proportion of almost two to one.
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and clears the atmosphere. Many people lead starved, sordid lives
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tain, cannot be held as figns of the venereal difeafe ;