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will cure chronic metritis and enlargement. He is now using
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make an exploratory incision over the course of the vessel,
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side a relatively pure serous effusion, moderate in amount ;
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festation of peculiar properties of oxygen when in a certain condition,
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By an external examination with the stethoscope, shortly after one of the fits
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remained in practice in New Haven until 1873 when he
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apparent success, in the treatment of a case of endamebiasis of fifteen
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on chloroform and ethyl chloride and published in the Proceedings of the
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narrowness of the dull area at the base, and the breadthiat the apex, as
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The method in which lower races fuse into, or escape from
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Parker, of this city, reports a case where three quarts were thus
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selves were smooth and thin (Fig. 19, 77 days after treatment). Subsequently
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A small ball from a rifle or revolver will cause instanta-
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long glass bpttle, such as is used in sterilizing milk, which
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the light of our recently introduced bathing methods
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may fix itself in the bone. Its division can be readily made, also,
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water, sweeten the clear liquor with some treacle, and
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Habitat and range. — Horseweed is common in fields and waste places and
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vated by anything that causes an especial determination
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Aeute aleoholie poisoning". — When a large quantity of strong spirit
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diac dysrhythmias in patients with acute overdose but
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be sure that none of its tissue or membranes are left in the uterine
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able; no profession, no group of rational beings, is collectively suicidal.
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convulsions will not be benefited by the abstraction of twenty,