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has been denied with far too much dogmatism in recent times.
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glasses of 50 c. c. capacity should be placed on a white surface.
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Causes. The disease may arise from direct injury as in
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that it could hardly be felt. After a normal salt solution enema and
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the hope of finding a hap-hazard iridus in some undemonstrable
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to the presence of an infective agent, more frequently the staphylo-
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chateau. But the purity of the mountain air, the grandeur of
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wanted to do her harm and from whom she felt obliged
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stomach. Urine coloured by rhubarb is sometimes mistaken for bilious urine. The error can
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which has been collected into a pamphlet issued by the British Medi-
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reported by John E. Clark in the Journal A. M. A. for October 10, in
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before a very strong fire for a few minutes, just long, enough for the
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contents; as. ergot, black cohosh, blue cohosh, cinnamon and
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It appears then, according to this theory, that, notwithstanding
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who were abusing medicine and patients in his time,
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the cow casein. " After these investigations," says
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criticism exhibited by those in our country (and in Europe)
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pregnancy (Hart and Carter), in the anatomy ut" the ovary (Foulis)^
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again, he has proved to be practicable and easy in the higher
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six months. The giddiness had been attributed to dyspepsia, but
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with such medicaments as will improve the general health and impart
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radish, a tablespoonful each of cloves and allspice, and a tea-
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them to improve the diastatic action of their preparations, in which, originally, they
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secretions, and discharges from the nose, eye, and ear. The chemistry of
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which are predisposed there are many conditions which act
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Dr. Dee. Kelley, willing to make what alchymists call a
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mittent febrile condition, with anaemia, followed sooner or later by the
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been incapacitated for weeks and months on account of