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patient himself pays it. When the patient’s phys-
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offer optimum protection and comfort. The best helmet made
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independently or in association with prolongations of the fibrous tissue.
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tant, consisting of iodine, potassium iodide and biniodide of
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Fig. 7. 43 days. Spherical chancres. Spreading surface necrosis on the right,
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culosis has organized with Dr. Edward 0. Otis as president,
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manifested by the hypnotized subject. The most recent explanation of
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attend them, and study a legally required time. Ano.her
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more skin than was suggested in the paper. His method
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the bowels, the sacral, anal and gluteal regions should be cleaned with a cloth
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In forced jeeding, when the patient resists, it is better to pass a
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varying results. Many of the diseased cases were not under my
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local beneficial effect when it dissolved at the site
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pleurisy with efficsion or chronic pleurisy ivith great thickening of
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has assured the union by primary intention. In order to secure
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S5'nthetic preparation of that substance. Two cases of diarrhea in
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board certified or eligible in a specialty and should ’
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" Tuberculous ulceration may be met with on any part of the surface of the
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camps and were in an earlier stage of convalescence than were the
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certain that there is not some risk of late complications, such as