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in New York City died from the effects of impure milk. The

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strictures of the deeper parts of the urethra. This

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rition, will be illustrated ; — the different kinds of aid required in labor,

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disturbance. In a day or two there is superadded an irritation of the lining

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later ; and a third, when she was more than thirty-sii years of age.

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dren affected with enlarged tonsils should be allowed

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of Voltaire concerning Gil Bias, I must now spend a

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the nose and its accessory sinuses one w^ould like to see a more detailed

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dark purplish red at first but becomes faded later and pro-

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tion. Simpler and safer methods are those of Paget and Bar-

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out of place. It is an air-tight box, in shape like a

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ing but loosen the bandages and substitute strips of pasteboard

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the pressure outside the vessels would be greater than the pressure within

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American War, in which clothing, blankets and tents became infected.

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the teeth have a viscid coating; ... a disea.'^ in which sleep has a

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protruded, uie patient making several efforts before he is

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procured, and one, if possible, about three months after her confine-

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It is probable that, in some of the lower organisms, the messages trans-

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point, however, is especially striking, and that is that

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thyroid, been approached from two points of view. Those who have

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tion I found every part of her body healthy with the exception of the

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blind and deaf and dumb, has accomplished so much that is beau-

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regarded as one of the attributes of asthenic tubercle ? Does that

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by which the poison finds entrance into the drinking-water ; in the latter

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occur when the communication between the renal pelvis and the

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lanced. Many a poor animal has suffered the barbarous method