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stationed on the coast of New England. In 1831, three companies

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for carefulness and honesty of purpose, yet that the favourable cases find their way into

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(4.) The only symptom pointing to localisation of cerebral

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or neurotic diathesis. One must never forget that certain lesions

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Relief fur Thirteen Montfts. — Mr. S., 40, was sent to me by

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better for this method, but it is especially desirable in

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have assured some patient relief, in the use of cod liver oil, only to

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morning, when they consumed their breakfast voraciously, gorging

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To 10 teaspoons of water put 1 grain of tarter emetic.

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which is a position of hip joint instability, plays an

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tunity of carrying the war into the enemy's country. For Lister

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break them off. In fact the only sure cure for an old ha-

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sion and anxiety. These conditions depend chiefly on obstruction in

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great success. The first woman recognized by the French

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was obtained from them, and supplied to inhabitants of the

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That they had attended to the same, and found it to be clearly

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A discovery to be of value must be effective and must

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Med. Leg. Soc. Instructor in Cliem., Harv. Univ. Contrib.,

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reaction has been observed for months after an attack of typhoid fever,

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a spur formed by the hypogastric and external iliac veins, with, which

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objection where its use is only occasional. Another objection

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arriving at the stable where the animal was located, I found him

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