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WfiCKER (D^TralU theoretlque et pratique dea Maladlsi dst Ytv.

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It causes central myosis, and stimulates intestinal peristalsis.

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exhibit the same activity and interest, which characterized his rela-

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rightly ascribable to the drug. One example was plainly chan-

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distended vessels. The organ, after being delivered through the inci-

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completely overthrown, never any more to be revived. The

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for the physical symptoms or phenomena that present themselves.

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an anjpmic necrosis and destruction of tlie epithelium wit}iin tlie

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with enthusiasm by Syme and his followers ; while even in our

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however, as a rule, appear to be more than a transitory com-

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It has fallen to the lot of the writer to witness during the

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significance in our understanding of pathogenesis. Can cer-

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W. Reid Blair, Veterinarian and Resident Pathologist N. Y.

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pathogenic, called Streptococcus hrevis, and the other pathogenic. Strepto-

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finite order, is diagnostic. In one of the cases reported,

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complex in proportion as we ascend from the vegetable world to

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At the last session of the Medical Examining Board of the

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that because the patient is apparently in an unconscious state

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whom he lived; reasons for suspecting the works ascribed to

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A desirable metlnxl of amputation of the leg .should

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five successful cases of high amputation for senile gangrene in

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ished spectators. Two pounds of offensive pus escaped from

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antiseptically by the heroic measure of cuttiiig down

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Comminuted Fracture of this Bone. — W. T. Ashby was shot on the

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bert was substituted for Lembert, and hence the fre-

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by lying on the left side for ten minutes ; in No. 24 the patient