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movement of any kind. Yet if the medical profession were as a body to
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From a great portion of the medical profession at large these
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In 4 cases fed with material from acute dysenteric stools or from amoebae-con-
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core, mixed up with rotten and ragged debris of the tissue.
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duration, and in the interval which divides it from the second
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discussion. It is known as dermatitis gangraenosa infantum.
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inheritor of Hebra's vast experience say, with so much con-
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novel that it would hardly be expected that the Fellows
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quire a just reputation in the treatment of chronic skin diseases not inferior to
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the patient had had eight convulsions for seven weeks,
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of embolism, such as cough, pain in the chest, dyspnea,
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pulse is accelerated in proportion to the temperature. In yellow fever
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doubtedly in certain cases these other bacteria do con-
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duced in explanation of tlie phenomena of acute rheu-
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During convalescence the anaemia should be treated by the free
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Personally T am convinced that this improvement or cure is the
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of the ala? nasi is especially pronounced in small children with pneu-
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resis and kindred forms of insanity are, almost exclusively,
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dition, the latter in a lesser degree, renders the serum euglobiilins more