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always an honorable one. In the early morning, all vigorous and

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the past session of the State Legislature 14 desirable bills had been

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you hold a hot iron to the other, and hold it over the hole

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this case is accompanied with an analysis of twenty -four

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third day during the first and second periods, and once a

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battlefield were, except in emergencies, treated only by first-aid dressings.

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foot; sixth, the right hind and left fore feet; seventh, the right

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Wolff, our mission as naturalists, physiologists, physicians, phi-

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disappeared, and no fresh ones were found. Since his operation

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Such is the formidable array of arguments that we have to consider.

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sequent to a series of extensive exposures to the X-rays, Whether

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ing the filthy dust of their products. On enquiry, however, it

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Pursuant to the direction of an act entitled, "An Act for

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The purpose of the present paper, then, is twofold: in the first

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H. E. Lewis (New York Medical Journal, Aug. 9, 1902)

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In our experiments, therefore, an accumulation of fluid took place

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istics of the group. A large number of lantern slides were used in order

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where the incision may finally end. A large area is almost as

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as the sequel proved, the success of his labors, in a measure pre-

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believe, in the gross total of healthy hearts only from imperfect

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surgeon in the Boer ranks. My sympathies had been with them from the beginning, and I beheve in

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who belonged to the infected family but who had not been exposed to the disease,

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prolonged exposure to tainted air or any source of impurity, seems

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Eima Glottidis for the production of high notes ; and that anything

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Ver}^ little is to be found in the literature regarding the cardio-

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University, Baltimore, Md. Fully illustrated. 1052 pp. Price, cloth, % 6.00; sheep,

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been opened with cooling clysters, ietling of blood will be

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compress the cord. The spinal cord at the upper part was flattened, but not

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(United Kingdom); M.D. 1963, University of Edinburgh

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membrane ; in the remaining cases there was only enlargement of the lympha-

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no mention of the matter. His experiments were begun in

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heard of it; and Philo, another Hebrew philosopher,

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marked differential effect upon its various constituents. Taking

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upon conforming to the Greek ideal; if it be "T 1 /^" that she is con-