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the illustration, would have been unnecessary. From these

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" If we can exclude diseased glands and follicles, and also

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substance of the skin and the subcutaneous tissue."

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daily doses for 14 days and then bled and the serum was tested on the

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sion that has become established between the cotton and the skin. Abundant

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The first eight injections were not attended by any alteration

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is, however, superior to the simple nitrate, as it penetrates much better

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at Savannah, Georgia, in 1881, emanating from the Department of

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should be permitted to recover fully from his acute attack before

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tracheotomized cases, with and without serum treatment. They attribute,

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In sand and gravel considerable percolation occurs, as

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author calls his new method " amputation of the pregnant uterus,"

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Tolerance lies very close to 0.85 gm. per kilogram per hour.

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feeling that it admits of a perfectly clear and satisfactory explana-

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(4) After injury to a nerve, or its centre in the brain or spinal

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The most common condition is a palsy of the intercostals, when the respira-

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time for the last month she has been in a state of mental agitation

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to this conclusion, M. Charcot must regard the larynx as inert

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stomach. It may be applied locally to syphilitic sores ; it may be