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Twenty-Third Annual Report of the Overseers of the Poor of

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cautiously over the pubis is recommended, but ammonia, or

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you may experience in attaining. Read the following extract from

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takes place spontaneously in two to three weeks, but this outfcome

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tary surgeons and are all of proved value. They are all useful

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in the morning, but his headaclie continued. During

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he has given may also have some value. — The Cincinnati Lancet-

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crow's feet, intercrossing of wrinkles which start from

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consistent with the necessities of the operation, and the addition

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apparently attached to the posterior aspect of the right tibia.

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dischaived to enable him to aocept a commission in another regimont

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tions are slow ; yet occurring in a horse, it would produce much

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tissue. Such a tumor is likely to be extensive. It may be the

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like— or diuretic, which may be pumpkin seeds or parsely roots.

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All wounded cases admitted on litters pass from the receiving ward to

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of the Convention, to express our views relative to

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a year. As one Chicago Daiuly News writer said : “It

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that exertion may start anew the circulation. In Black Leg the tongue

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The bowels were unaffected, and no cumulative action was observed.

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15. Any person convicted under this Act, or under the Act

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occasionally ordered by the military authorities under special

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a large gelatiniform, putrid hydatid membrane, dirty gray in color,

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no secretion could be aspirated during this time. To remedy this a

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pa, po, etc., — as one does for children who are being taught to

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celled, in a clean-cut, forcible and charming manner ;

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trichinosis in Illinois. Am J Pub Health 66:1 194-1 196, Dec, 1976.

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Swift and Elub: "The Treatment of Syphilitic Affections of th« Central

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No. 431, killed March 25, 1909, after having been in a tuber-

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in one organ or part, from its excessive accumulation in some other.

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unanimously carried, and President Conley resumed the chair.

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comfort, which Ouida and other "zoophilists" would do well to

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thawed out, as in this way the frost will leave the beets

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10th day. Injection F, 0.2 cc; Injection G, 0.4 cc; Injection H, 0.6 cc.

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During my stay in this country I wrote a paper on the