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velops proficiency in examination, diagnosis and treatment planning

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that there is not only a state of atony with a tendency to fer-

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way of exercising these powers, and that at the date of

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for those in whom the first dentition is not completed, milk, par-

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"In all these cases of chronic suppuration, the amount of constitutional and

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COCCUS, colon bacillus, and an unidentified Gram-positive diphtheroid

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feel perfectly well, and I am heavier now than 1 have ever been. I would not be without it for anything. I

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year, mortality, etc., that anything like a general average

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serous membranes and conjunctivae reported for a beta blocker (practolol) have not been

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great. The treatment adopted at first was the usual course of ano-

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Dr. George II. ( Iross presented a case showing the reconstruction

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2 minims three times a da}?. This was gradually increased, and on

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died, and at this stage of the proceeding I consider that those

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by-law ought to be adopted requiring the county clerks to make

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tion of the abdomen, nothing is elicited beyond that deep pressure

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action is promoted by copious draughts of water, saline diui'etics, and

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16.4; 22.6; 28.9; 28.4; 28.8—0.9 (nucleus begins); 31.3—2.8; 29.2—3.3; 28.6-4.5;

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Celestin B. Semerak, S.B., M.D., Fellow in Pathology, Rush Medical College.

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the stenosis greater, because of the rigid and unyielding character

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which have attended its progress will form some apology

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2. A group which has added on to the protamin nucleus mouo-

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recovery from auriculo-ventricular rhythm was brought about several times

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instructor. To this man among men, we owe our founda-

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ceived under such conditions by such youthful minds.

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cases. Pleurisy with suppurative effusion is also fairly common in severe

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be of considerable practical importance. It must be borne in mind,

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The Division of Vascular Surgery offers a fully accredited two-year residency position in

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tion, and its supplies may be sent forward from the advance section

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yond doubt he thought it necessary to order an observation, which was pro-

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evidence in favor of the view that the adrenals are functional glands,

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of the tube box — and the position of the movable tube box is so adjusted

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care being taken as far as possible not to touch the hair. The head is then