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if he is cramped, and signs of collapse appear, half a grain may

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I cannot take upon me to say that fever is one of the ways

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the radial, axillary, and carotid arteries had ceased to beat, some

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the secretion becomes scantier, and the urine voided correspond-

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Estimated number of cases and ratio of cases to deaths on a basis of medical examination findings.

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the symptomatology, I called attention to the fact that, under

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Before this date, and for long afterwards, the subject was

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the trouble to inform themselves of what was already

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a happy delivery, as unhappy accidents often happen

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attacks occurred in school, on the playground, in the

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cases I will now report as briefly as possible, neglect-

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clots by which the superficial veins of the fore-arm were obliterated.

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wards to the extent of three inches. The stricture divi-

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pecially upon the left nide, but here and there are

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pany of Barber Surgeons in the year 1540 the Master

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unless otherwise ordered, evaporate the liquid by a water

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it as great a service as if he had delivered it from

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we cannot find out what is the mortality of childbed in London.

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a systematic manner, and has therefore been adopted in all the high schools of

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Having arrived at maturity, after being fecundated by the male tick she leaves

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ly affect one or more institutions, shall be considered a

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few heated arguments which we indulged in at that time, has since

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as Officer Commanding, St. Andrew's Military Hospital, vice Major

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in visiting the various charitable institutions, hospitals, poor-

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better for this method, but it is especially desirable in

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markable instance of septic meningitis in which, after

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cates among medical men, and will become subjects of discussion 111 the

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perseverance is generally required to restore the memory. Some-

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