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expenditure, $34.70 ; leaving a balance on hand of $ 5.30.
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The result of this inquiry is a report of permanent scientific
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becomes infiltrated with air, this condition is recognized by passing the
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One of the present writers'^ stated in a preHminary paper tliat he
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may beat with considerable slowness and regfllarity, but in all
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and determine their election. I would suggest that a wise conserva-
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ulcer. Hemoptysis existed 203 times among 364 cases (125
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Major (Brevet Lieut. -Col.) Barry A. Craig, whilst in command of a Medical Unit, dated
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strands among the hydropic cells and account for the umbilication. By
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Beyond the sedative action of veratrum viride, we have very little accurate knowledge ci its
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ington, D. C, January 18 to 21, 1899. January 10, 1899.
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sentative members of the profession, and probably deepen their
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part water) a sufficient quantity. Pour over the powdered herb four
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of left lung. Percussion note flat down to lower edge
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vice in the field during Indian wars, or when left with the sick or
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months and years after, such persons have come to see
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And now that you have so kindly accompanied me through
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extracted just as readily and as completely as can ripe cataracts. In many
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in the open. He also had very numerous hallucinations of the hearing. He heard
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neighborhood ; but by the light shed around us on this trial, I
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of {HTopagation of this growth. He determines against the supposition that the areolar tissue
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power of crotalus poison, and a temperature of 75°-80° C. profoundly
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These four facts are only comprehensible on the assumption that
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brought into prominence for the purpose of affording patients, and
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pulse from 100, to 130 ; skin dry and hot ; considerable thirst.
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acter I will describe this form of nephritis separately in an