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that it is a wise and proper manner of selecting this most important
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occupying its most anterior part. As seen in his figures, the
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case, the tumour presented a most unwieldy mass of a globular form,
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these cases are large, and if properly cut off and in-
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early period. There is an emphysematous condition of the whole
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the operation he recommends for inguinal hernia, mentions an
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mental disease cannot be gainsaid. If for the moment we
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and soon regained his appetite perfectly, and no cough remained. It was not long
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fore, that macular atrophy, once known as idiopathic macular atrophy,
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ternally and applied externally, and it is but consistent
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hard condition of oats. There may be some foundation for
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mena lasted for two or three weeks, gradually subsiding, and
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curb on the wayward appetite. At the same time, the stimulating
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those of copper and manganese, which Trillat has been good enough
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spinal cord demands the greatest care and the widest knowledge on
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a few hours by the expectoration of an abundant, glairy, blood-stained
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Case 105, F., 57 yrs. MM. Breschet and Bertin, commu-
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of the time of all Victorian Order nurses is devoted to Child Wel-
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be used twice daily, and if the tendency to return is strong,
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valent antistreptococcic serum, counter irritation on the articu-
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only by the very prompt use of mercury. In another very important
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it (i. e. through the sac and integuments) and serves,
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The children of our country deserve as effective physical care
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adopted by Klebs and Klein, has, like the first-named
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lead, divide in four parts equal to three and three-quarter inches
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citative efforts are desired. Equally important, the order
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In passing through that gland of complex functional activ-
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cluding the head, was made, when the pathognomonic grass-green
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of the. Lungs, emphysema of the. Lungs, inflammation of the. Megrim
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properties: namely, the lipoids, phosphatides, cholesterol, pigments, etc.
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the exposed skin of the penis and scrotum claret-coloured. There may
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equal rapidity, and in Aveli- developed attacks may become completely
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To disguise the unpleasant taste and to aid the solvency
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mensely long and strong shoulders, and rather knify
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puerperal. She suffered from bad neuralgia, too, at times. Her
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established that a great number of these cases either succeed
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oughlv that the people of San Francisco when they take hold of
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known to the profession. From some it has received the highest
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method is unsuccessful. Dr. McEwen of Glasgow treats psoas
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since osmic acid will blacken other substances than fat. Fat may
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o, Ai)]iendix : h. ileum : c. inner surface of reflected tta]) of abdo-
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of this condition, a list of which, with a brief summary of each