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Kobner recognizes two varieties of mycosis fongoide,

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of cholera. Taken warm it promotes vomiting and washes out

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only the most indefinite physical signs, the general symptoms alone

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Tympanites. Tympanites may depend either on gaseous

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days after the first injection. At this time another in-

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The value of thermal waters may be also attributed to the

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pulmonar}^ compression as well as by its own enfeeblement.

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this foot and the promontory of the sacrum, then sweep this foot

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tion of the voice takes place in the mouth, and certain modifications in its

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ment of the patient, than in that of the disease under consideration.

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Conklin, E. G., and others. Advances in methods of teaching,

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flour, a table-spoonful of sugar and a tea-spoonful of salt;

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simply pure cayenne pepper, will do a great deal more toward warming

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glassy surface as if deprived of its profillar. If after this the tongue

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drug. Nevertheless, although the functional insufficiency of the

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papillary stasis, oedematous neuritis, choked disc, pa-

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scarlatinal rash and slight sore throat. The case was complicated by severe

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their "hygienic and anatomical" investigations. The vast

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was announced by M. de Beaumont, that the chain of the Pyrenees

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known children exposed directly, and for a considerable

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of the procedure here outlined would make this appear to be the most

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etc., to enter the tonsil by the spaces in the epithelium, and

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There are many things that must be ensured to the men and

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less definitely localised in certain tissues or fluids, and we know little

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prostitution, and all sorts of customs relating to the intercourse of the sexes,

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surgeon. I saw many such cases and the leucocyte count only