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Horace's father was a slave; ^Esop, himself a fable,

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stomach with an ordinary bulb-syringe through a previously

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so severely hearing impaired that this alone accounted for

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made arrangements with Medina and other county farmers to

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globular, and correspondent to the common descriptions and

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pneumonia, 1 from bedsores, and 1 from secondary hemorrhage),

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that he exercised in bringing students from a distance, were due to his clearness

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with his fellows, though entirely unconscious of it. The actor forgets his

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region. As intracerebral pressure seemed especially well marked, the

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try raisers to report the existence of a disease in their flocks before its

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erectile tumor at the end of the little finger. At the end of six months, as the

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read a much higher penetration from the tube than one whose eyes

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disease, even in its mildest form. This is probably the true explanation of

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farms and depots are strongly urged upon the notice

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identical, the only difference between them being that the one is pigmented

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considerably augmenting the number of children saved. A care-

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Robert Auchmowtie, cherurgeane, a burgess of Edinburgh, was indited for the

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was any food thrown up, even when the vomiting occurred imme-

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more or less discomfort, and even acute pain, but especially, several

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tubercular animals will also react to injections of such large doses

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ing to him, the most efficient " microbicede " in this

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with confusion, partial paralysis, and epileptiform convulsions.

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munity indicate that the disease is present to a greater extent than

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describes its pathological anatomy, Dr Pringle furnishes an

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of a 50 per cent suspension of the corresponding cells, and the tubes were plunged

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a special study on this point from the returns of the

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part should be well mixed with the liquid portion before dispensing.

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miasmatic diseases ? I have witnessed seasons when scarce

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* Edinburgh Medical Journal, p, 908. No. 154, April 1868.

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with the object of learning whether the incidence of streptococci in