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bone and cartilage as well as cancer cells. But in the present case
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disease had been discovered in Waitsfield. On June 2, 1917, he attended a ball
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Pregnancy and parturition. The effect in the different species
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Under the impression that the strength of his tartar emetic had become im-
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work for several days, and 8 of these had pneumonia, with 2 fatal results.
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tofore, to accomplish those ends with elegance and skill, which this in-
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Suffered from phthisis from childhood, and was not expected to live
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during the day, and a cold land-wind from the adjacent
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Trousseau as soon as the lesion designated by its discoverer was recog-
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material. Formerly the quantity was measured by the number of
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neuralgic pains appear to accompany slight pharyngeal affections
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Dr. Chriatison has recommended the use of diuretics in
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effect has been produced in animals by the administration of dangerous
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the pulfe foft and low, and the patients in a comatofe
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military people ; and apart from the national taste, as displayed in its "• efflorescence "
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them to the membrane, and, keeping them parallel till it is pierced
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to 3^ mm., the left to 4^- mm. On the right side the
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medies restore. Knally, if the supply of food be insufficient, the
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be exerted, and that the strapping must be renewed when it
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may then produce an excessive reduction of the resting sympathetic nervous activity. Ocl
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of wandering from the subject in hand. If I am guilty of any
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years immediately following the passage of the child from infancy to
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take place even through a healthy gastric mucous mem-
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