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employed to cover the wound in the soft parts and to

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The symptoms of the developed disease vary in accordance with the organs

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as to help his recovery ; even if this is only to be temporary

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will counteract the effects of twenty-three grains of chloral

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the method of ]\Iouquet : intratracheal injections of a solution of

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it IS that these lesions if left alone do not readily heal. If an abscess be

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they unhinge his whole frame, and caufe him to eva-

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incision, but where no pulsations are discovered, the pedicle is to be divided

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used in the inoculating of rabbits Nos. 444 and 443. The ani-

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work, yet he entertains a hope that he has not labored in vain ;

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was not seen by a physician, and did not go to bed. When

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machinery, and thus putting a stop to the watery effusion. This

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from Bev. B. F. Larrabee, of Tuscaloosa, on the unjust dis-

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of the cutaneous surfaces. Many of the lesions, especially about the

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color with ferric chloride, while a diazotized solution couples with

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progresses certain modifications of the ordinary spiral or circular

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observations collected over the widest possible field. His book will

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chamber so it was airtight and the mouse had suffocated.

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those on " Heredity and Disease," the " Declension of Phthisis," the " Evolution of Disease

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neoplasms of nerves (malignant neurilemomas) in patients without

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Notes and References arranged and numbered according

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lescence. Kvery one has seen a patient whose lift; has

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flexion of the womb, partly with ascites or with adherent ovarian tumors and

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protective zone, enter the lymphatics and veins, and

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necessarily present, a point never learned by some men who refuse to make

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diseases, and 45 from violent causes. 827 were native, and 1S2 foreign ;

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When I visited Mr. C. for the first time at six o'clock on Tues-

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ments, and tracings were taken directly from the heart

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of the tubular epithelium to severe cloudy swelling associated in a few