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tain Davis will return to Fort Porter, New York. — .S. O. 14^^
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the inguinal adenopathies were the result of a retrograde infection.
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If this attenuated fluid be now passed through a series of rabbits, dogs,
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cipitin" causing this phenomenon is more or less definitely specific;
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or the fistula, or an abscess of some kind w ill return. It would con-
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central body which acts to the cell as the brain does to the man.
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the day-time or at night. During the attack she becomes pale, emits a loud cry
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bile, urine, etc. Puncture has often given good results
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possibility that the adrenal secretion affects the power of the tissues,
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of the cholesteatoma formation. In none of my specimens did the
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down some of the sayings of the three nights' debate, and
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existed in these otherwise healthy and to all appearances sound individuals,
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therapy at Overlook Hospital, for his assistance in performing
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the stomach ; the blood may have been swallowed, coming from the
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constantly more elongated, and their ramifications more
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swelling of the cortex accompanied by fatty change. The intestinal mucous
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KoCHER {Correspondenzblatt fiir Schweizer Aerzte, No. 26, 1890) first ties
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annual meeting of the Mississippi Valley Medical So-
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Swift and Elub: "The Treatment of Syphilitic Affections of th« Central
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I have seen and treated a few cases which, as far as one
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stools prior to the operation in which ligatures were placed around a
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; capability can be expanded to include a dialogue with the
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useful such a simple remedy as rest often proves to be in those of rheumatic
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