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posed to refer to it are not always very satisfactory.
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The tight corset and bands have the same effect on a growing girl, but not
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getting rid of stones by ulceration into the nearest viscus.
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the larger, is embedded in subperitoneal fat, and presents changes
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or Europe, and has only been found in a few cases in the East in China-
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being equal, their respective death rates from lung disease
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tended theoretical answer to the all-important query, "Under
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tion method for radical cure of hernia. He had operated in
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be kept strictly on the diet. In the second case, however, he was successful.
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Salonica from England. In April groups of cases of both forms
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West India station, during the period I had the honour
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from which the exudation escapes become perceptibly en
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most accessible point of concentration. (See paragraphs 5 and 6).
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of the womb may be the seat of the mischief, though that contained in the folds
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the men are said to have become mercurialised by volatilisation of the
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severe supra-orbital pain. She came to me on the 29th, and was
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is, that it makes a perfect solution in water. Michelsen says that after a
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Even supposing the frequent ignoring, on the part of
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immediately seek him, he goes out into the highways and
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Allow me to look briefly at the recommendations for
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Salvarsan is in clinical use in the following New York Hospitals and clinics :
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the University of Pennsylvania. The money is to be used in
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Case No. 8. I was called to attend a case of still-birth, by Dr.
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was done Mar. 1, when the cultures were 14 days and the chicks 32 days old.
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€ggs of pigeons or hens. On making digital pressure on either side
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a few boils, or an occasional attack of facial erysipelas, slight conjunctivitis,
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