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known to be sometimes present in this disease, Dr. Osier said

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prognostic problem involves that of cure, the prognosis as to the malady

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[We have the pleasure of a personal acquaintance with Mr. J. P. Paine,

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exhibited an anaphylactic reaction to penicillin. Caution

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protection against smallpox. The writer has seen several cases of smallpox

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our physical fitness and the need to upgrade it. On July 6,

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Mr. H. C Johnson, Dr. H. Bergh, Dr. Thomas Rundel, Mr. E.

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have the following mean result of six accurate analyses, the examinations having

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On this part of the description, I propose only to observe,

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■ — Allgememe Mod. Gentral-Zeilurig, January 18, 1882.

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repeated if one ventricle only is affected ; the heart sounds

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