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■ Pratique des accouchin. liv. 7. clnp. 1. pag. j 1 \.

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sinks gradually with the symptoms of internal haemorrhage. It

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A Practical Treatise on Legitimate Medical Specialties ; »n Indispensa-

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before. He had been treated for five years for chronic nephritis. For two

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juries of the Rectum; 18, Foreign Bodies in the Rectum; 19, Mal-

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iodine, sometimes vesicants^ or also with compression by means of lead plates.

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Pain, somewhat acute, was produced, however, on pressing the

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produced by a bull-dog, nor a white man by a negro. And this holds

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futile to test directly for phenol in urine or vomit. The

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lawyer, James Bostwick, San Francisco, California, will