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anus, and we wish the track to heal by granulation, I have seen it ad-

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patient complained of a little abdominal pain, chiefly due to

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boy. Since his accident she had been much concerned

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took three drops of laudanum, but none last night, which,

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innate or acquired, any individual may breathe in, or swallow

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size of a hazelnut on each side; they were not very hard and were

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hangs so lovingly on your arm as when, like a good man you go to church

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Synonyms : — Chronic catarrhal gastritis ; chronic gastric

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liquid containing hardly any food. The appetite is generally

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tinguishing between real and false merit, and merciless

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than half the children were born dead. This high foetal death-rate is

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Medical Veterinary Federation of Belgium, was to hold its an-

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rieties, one of which consists in a true hypertrophy,

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secretions, and discharges from the nose, eye, and ear. The chemistry of

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peripheral circulation. Formic acid also increases the tonicity and

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1 The Nervous Affections of the Heart, 1904, p. 61 ; and Edinburgh Medical

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satid, for his writings upon the horse and horsemanship have given