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rushed into Dr. Mackinnon's house and begged his immediate presence
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world, are all compound in their constitution. This theory,
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soap and water, which moved her bowels freely and easily; her bowels moved
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and it was possible that it might have been so exposed.
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Mr. President and Gentlemen, — Permit me, in the first
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tude sufficient to show how the remedial action may be applied as a counter-
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with every element of that problem — and such men are to be
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softening cannot be the result of maceration. Microscopic investigation
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to experience sensations in her abdomen resembling fetal movements. Sept. 20,
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Seeking for the cause of the effect in the most limited lesion, we
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First stating that some ten years ago everybody seemed to
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Art. 2T7. — On Betropharyngeal Abscess in Infants.
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sports medicine programs of high schools; emergency care and
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in advance, and to get out circulars on diseases for which the
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causative factor could be found other than a chronic appendicitis.
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ing; ante-mortem clots are liable to form, and then Embolism. As the
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when we find an instructor in a prominent medical school
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should be taken as conveniently can be borne, and fluid should be espe-
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ictivity, for the amount of iodine present in the thyroid is to a con-
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1954. Kligman, Albert M„ 36th & Spruce Sts. (4)
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were found, and there was no evidence of recent or of old ulceration.