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case of Belfast County Borough. In both instances, how-
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Art. XLII. — Clinical Lectures on certain Diseases of the Urinary Organs ; and on
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cotton rolls, and the area touched with a .3 per cent solution of mer-
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mediate neighbourhood of such cells without the cell itself showing
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as he was afraid of putting the cigarette into his eye. This error cannot
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sense of fluctuation over the outer third of the thigh. An incision was made into
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from a true primary lesion. A typical case of this kind is illustrated
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5 Lecons sur les Maladies Vt'iierienues, Paris, 1883.
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A man by the name of Henry S. Lawson, has published
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ing side are so much weaker than those on the opposite side that the
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promising. Far more work needs to be done, but the benefits
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miology of disease in the United States. Substituting eco-
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boys in one family and sparing the four girls. What interests us in
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au cours de l'infection par le Spirochseta gallinarum. Compt. rend. Soc. d.
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new thing ;" nor, on the other, do we ask simply for " the old paths," ir-
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indicated the part at which the stretcher was to be placed on the
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dismissal of his subject, but when brought face to face with an
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have the honor to represent, farewell and God-speed.
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The ideal candidates are patients with a short history of
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Of St. Joseph county, we have obtained but little account, concerning
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namely, the eminently infectious nature of tubercular
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to their schedules and the observation of union rules as regards
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But what if the case is a severe one when first seen? that
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previous mental disease goes through an attack of typhoid fever, the mental
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*ncl it is stated in the London Medical Gazette^ for April last, that he exhibited
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" But our own native land also offers a number of spas of varying climates
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also without the axis-traction rodsj* serves very well
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Mailed to any address on receipt of price — 25 cents.
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'* The best method then of causing the death of the foetus in the early period
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tasks to which his defective organization is of necessit)^ sub-
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First meal: Two tablespoonfuls of thoroughly cooked oatmeal, or
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