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which she had taken "to act on her liver and womb,"as she stated,

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of the bladder. It has appeared to me important, that these affections should

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ing of these excellent w^orks, it is clearly seen that the editor has

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wives, and may be regarded as an adequate presentation of the sub-

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The Nature of Enzyme Action. By W. M. Bayliss, F.R.S.

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out the open window of my library, while within the same scarcely a

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mercury. The rice-water Vomit sometimes possesses acid pro-

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through the process of deglutition or swallowing without

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emaciated subjects it would not be advisable to make

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cattle it may be practised safely within certain limits. A flock of sheep

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generative one, and that the disease creeps along the nerve-fibres in the

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through the recto-vaginal wall. Attempts to return the tumoi^r to the

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house at Washington. The following is a recipe for it, a«

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dividual prognosis. The chancre is rarely more than a temporary incon-

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baVid, and no preposterous or diabolical coarse used to cause

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rheumatic intiuences, the symptoms are developed slowly, and

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of the pernicious variety. Of course, the spanemia is the result of

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the times. It has been carefully revised and modified in many

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the milk either from a food value or sanitary standpoint can

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hydrated magnesia or hydrated oxide of iron is the special antidote

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Texas fever; and the latter causing the mahgnant jaundice of

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moth, and after a physical examination he referred her to me for

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ance. There is no difficulty in making the flexible, spiral

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tion and repainted. All fioors are to be taken up, in-

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at a fee of $400.00 ; and a committee also appointed

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sues. This region is denominated by brutal men the " tender

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Carnivora, on the other hand, have an excess of phosphate

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has been recorded at the Lamb's Conduit Establishment; Voigt in 1888

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the author opposes. He scarcely ever uses a tampon, and as

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is now known as the Stokes-Adams syndroma — bradycardia with

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sured 5 inches in its long diameter, and was firmly attached

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vision has been increased from -jV^ to ^V- Of course,

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Case for Diagnosis ; so-called Acne Agmiaata of Crocker. By David W.alsh,

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formed proteins on the surface, which T cells are supposed to

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he has enjoyed good health and has had no return of the

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m gouty or rheumatic subjects, yet it is much more frequently