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Whittier. Essays and recitations, based upon the text-book

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reported with thiazides Thiazides may cause manifestation

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(Oesterreichische Zeitschrift fiir prakt. Heilkunde, No. 22, 1860.)

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respeotable body of junior practitioners h^us been rising

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through which more than a quarter of a peck of food was removed

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The diagnosis of each of these he considers separately; and we shall endeavour

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hysteria — (i) that entirely independent of the will; (2) that

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lower resistance to all forms of disease. A world-wide Child Wel-

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tion, the trouble is, on the chances, the plugging of a

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liypertrophic regions in the epidermis." Tlie relation existing

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opinion should seem too lenient, here are the lines

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In the Hooae of Eefuge (of Philadelphia ?) there are on an average 292 boys, and the habit

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acetonitrile the ''percentage of sulphur excreted as neutral sulphur

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glass bo.\ in which they stood, and had lids through which food and

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mations which are developed around infected wounds.

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then this supposition has been confirmed, not only by calorimetrical

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discharged through the wall of the intestine or through the liver. Most of

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be preserved. (Fig. 217, 218) The tibia is so near the surface and

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standing of the subject, from such a mass of materials

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five pounds each. These were provided with a gown of grey, bearing a white

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ticipation in the abortion work was merely to look after

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the itching, pain, and uneasiness experienced by the patient, the red

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feature of the illness. Now that all wounded men receive pro-

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tions are to support entire organs, for example, the spleen ; to bind toge-

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lesions will serve as a very clear illustration of the