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(a) The influence of increasing arteriole resistance by stimulating

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hardly lessen it. And in a true expulsive pain, she is even unable to withhold

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The patient usually speaks in a whisper for days together.

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and the animals recover, and in many instances convulsions cease

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at the meeting in December, 1885, which after consid-

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large fleet of transports conveying more than 2,000

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furnaces, but it is better to dress a little more warmly than to suffer

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Crown, John Paul A. Instructor in Medicine. Assistant

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borer. Irishman, was admitted October 15, 1855. He had had sub-

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Without Thyroid Enlargement of Certain Signs and Symptoms Which Occur

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gradually increased up to two drachms in the twenty-four hours, has

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tion until the disease which it was intended to exclude had

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tion. Assistant Surgeon Samuel B. Smith makes the following report :

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diet shall be simple and nutritious, as moderation in eat-

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serves to prevent ' stripping ' as the bullet is forced through the

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past election has demonstrated its clout once again.

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pointing prominence noticed on 18th March was so thin, as to cause apprehen-

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in this disease. The degree of anspmia was also much

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own trachea a dram or more of medicated solution. In cases of

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by the name of calamus scriptorius the longitudinal

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constant existence of bone-tenderness and muscle-tenderness in

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Port and Potterrow, who took sick, were placed on a separate part of the Muir

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guished gentlemen whom I shall call upon to address