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In a case of coccidiosis of the small intestine of a sheep seen by one of

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In the seven cases of chronic arthritis there were varying degrees

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e larger number of species are the result of this earlier

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and the other, marked by a black dot, for use by candle light.

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St. John s Episcopal Hospital, Family Practice/Dermatology

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Lefkowits, Henry Jesse. Clinical Associate Professor of

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for a few days and then resolved. Four days before admis-

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are largely consumed as food and constitute what we designate

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Blum's case, which, by the way, is the first operation

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treatment of the pemphigoid eruptions since the debate in 1898, nor

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to those who were actually at work at the seat of war, and who were

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the removal of a diseased appendix, the surgical treatment of the

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to dryness, and taken up with petroleum ether in weighed flasks. After the

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cure, not kill," and his reasoning is scouted as the " logic

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in which there had been scar formation and a recurrence. I have suc-

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futile to test directly for phenol in urine or vomit. The

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has been met with at all ages. It may be met with after an arterial or venous

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artery forceps and twisted, or a catgut ligature may be slipped over

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tion ; No Rheumatic History ; No History of Exposure

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ing incapacitated for all movement ; than by leading the sufferer

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the diet, interdicting fat, oil, and butter ; while he recommends

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of a selective action of the lymphatic cells. The mate-

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of different physicians, she removed to Bath, where her sufferings

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due to air poisoning, for there is evidence that infection

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a few hours by the expectoration of an abundant, glairy, blood-stained

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tion, irregular uterine action, or severe vomiting. In order to