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color, evidently indicating a collection of blood in the abdominal cavity. When the
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management of Pulmonary Tuberculosis, with special refer-
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the thickening and reddening still further increased as the process was
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is due to the fact that a small amount of pepsin can cause the pro-
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position for the puncture is probably the intercostal space between
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tissue in ajreat degree without wy evil after effectsVhatsoe^.
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steel instruments into the swelling to let out the fluid, is
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this College, show that this stage had been reached.
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surance companies represented in Boston, in such a manner
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symposium will occupy one session of the congress. The Earl of
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It may be stated, in connection with this case, that twelve
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396. Fried Eggs (i) — Ingredients — Butter, eggs, pepper, salt.
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tance, and still less to the increase of pain in breathing when
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diminished from the onset of the disease, becomes still more scanty during
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have taken more heed, had we anticipated " how great a matter a little
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shreds of meat were seen in the water, when the tube was with-
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ance is not appreciated. It is not always an easy matter to
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vinegar, which is the fiharp'est when it is made of the best
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the M.D. degree of Scottish Universities, other than Edinburgh, was not held in
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now lost flesh rapidly ; other symptoms of wretched and fast-failing
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not unknown, though we are still utterly in the dark
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first, or one-fourth of a grain may be repeated in half an
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voluntary movements in both legs. A few weeks later,
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ceived under such conditions by such youthful minds.