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arrival of the vessel that was to convey us back to
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Brodie, Scott E. Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor of
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slowly, and, by placing a finger of my other hand in
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aorta, have often been mentioned, and this condition I have seen.
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lesion under treatment appeared to improve ; but the neuras-
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vanced rapidly in his professional career until, in
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privy parts, and renewed it every three or four hours
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state of health of the mother. If now the mother is in
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In addition to "An Act i.oscermm; Chimks and l't nishments."
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when stationed at Calcutta, said: "The earliest age at which I have
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The Committee on Transactions suggested that the names of
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these 899 houses there resided 4861 persons. Of these 3386 had been
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direction than in the other. Similarly, attempts at fixation as an
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LITERATURE.— 1. Ashby and Wright. Diseases of Children, 3rd edit. Lond. 1896.—
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Dr. Hamilton further remarked that this mode of treatment
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Another case reported in the earlier part of this paper, Mrs. E.,
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some '70,000 to 80,000 patients are annually prescribed for, and
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Upper Wind River, August 8, 1894 (No. 754); Snake River,
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that bacteria harm the body mainly by poisoning, for it rests upon strong
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This disease, due to septic organisms entering the system
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in greatest number should be sought for carefully and examined. 4. The
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It is also to be noted that, in the case in which the bacillus was found
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half of the abdomen^ and the principal focus was seated in the right iliac fossa. There was
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discovering the bullet and naturally without relief. As the patient was
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a tenderness in the abdomen on pressure or motion. The usual causes
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the pustule has gone so deep as to destroy a portion of the true skin,
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by the exclusion of air; it does not poison the body-cells, but produces
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