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ever. Drugs such as opiates could not do anything at all for
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among these stands chronic interstitial nephritis. This
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Pathological Society by Parkes Weber {^''), in which the channel of
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is not irritating. It oxidises very slowly, and its keeping properties are
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its members, than the Medical Society of Connecticut.
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within a few months. In some instances, however, the pulmo-
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surgeon in the Boer ranks. My sympathies had been with them from the beginning, and I beheve in
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with blotches or elevations. On pressing them with the fingers
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" Ue wu 0D( of the Gnt wbo, leaving the old i:otiJcctunil roetbod of
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It is a factor of importance in the excitement of chole-
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the saccharine element must undergo some chemical change in the lungs,
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unknown or imperfectly understood. This volume con-
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myasthenia gravis, and the Eaton-Lambert syndrome. If
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of every medical practitioner. Amongst other advantages is, that, by giving the pre-
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as his chief, but I have never forgotten his kindly courtesy to
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ceased. She has been leading a successful life free 'of
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a temperature of 40° F. , is regarded by us with ec]ua-
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. , . . Then, if pjactitioncrs would content themselves with simply
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and miasmatic diseases have occurred in many localities.
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progresses certain modifications of the ordinary spiral or circular
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A good feeding barley is Nepaul, which is both beardless
nected by means of a platinum wire with a conductor, and filled with a saturated solution of pure
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some muscular act, there is a marked delay which of course seriously
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tissues of the body, whether by hand or by machinery, is ex-
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said. In reply to Dr. Goelet's question, I can say from
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exhibit a flabby half- dead appearance, and have a tendency to
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occasionally ordered by the military authorities under special
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to the diminished elasticity and tonicity of the lungs, which,
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it would seem as if the contact of her hands with umbrellas,
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