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through it, an outer wooden case, and a screw to bind the

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siderable to allow the detection in the milk of their presence an<

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the sensitivity of the human nervous system to environmental

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of the cerebrum, or front head, are not so broad, but are more elongated in

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was born in August of the same year. In 1914 the patient remained free

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the general appearance of the limb was not characteristic of acute

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the Eskimo women made the threads with which they sew their skin

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penis was found developed but resembling that organ as seen in

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These remarks of Dr. Hicks remind us of a case in which this condition

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first advice as to glasses from other than a compe-

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some of the objections which he personally feels to these procedures. He concludes this


forebears. Harvey and Sydenham recall the science and art of the new

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limited one, much like pneumonia, its duration practically uninfluenced by

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Moved by Dr. L. M. Lindsay, Montreal ; seconded by Dr. R. H.

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a practice of twenty-five years. In the latter part of

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salol is usually given in dram doses evey three to six hours; acetanilide

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abscesses are found as a rule in the skin, heart, spleen,

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symptoms of a disease are largely determined by the location of the

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gated on behalf of the Royal Commission on Vaccination by Dr. Sidney

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In judging of the effect of a remedy in hay fever, one must not

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Eager, William B., Middletown, Orange Co. Original.

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the muscles are swelled and contracted, and give great pain on being

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ly affect one or more institutions, shall be considered a

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The clinical history is briefly as follows : — ^A female child, previously

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nitrate of silver and trichloracetic acid. For several

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various points of anatomical detail in connection there-

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tion tracts in different vertebrate types has been carried far enough

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had scarlet spots, variable in size ; all the limbs were more or less

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Hassall, M.D., Lond. With numerous illustrations. London : Longmans,

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The establishment is under the eare of a competent physician of long experience in this spe-