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developed. These conditions are well represented in the
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preference to the curette, especially in cases which present
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prodromal symptom of typhoid, and the characteristic
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tumour under local anaesthesia. The first difficulty lay in the attitude
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also that facilitate the occurrence of this disease.
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appearance of stained specimenn of normal blood. If
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of the sublimate solution were used with perfect success. —
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cumbing to the disease would in all probability be much greater.
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the spleen and in the meconium. 2. Cholesterine is found for the most
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who, after suffering for five days with the symptoms
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that had been recognized must be referable to such degeneration. He was ordered
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cence progresses, a more generous diet is permitted.
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even after the nerve cells had notably degenerated, but it is believed
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metritis; of a granular condition of the ! treated by astringents for the first few days,
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serves to prevent ' stripping ' as the bullet is forced through the
We doubt if any nurse unfamiliar with graphs, and electri-
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Fig. 1.— Outer surface of left cerebral hemisphere, showing the lobes, fissures, and convolutions.
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me ; she was a widow who was addicted to masturbation,
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Neighbouring Bony Cavities. By Charles S. Bull, M. D., of
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proportion of organic matter added to it. So long as
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side, into the tissues on the side of the thorax and
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Drugs. — In the routine treatment of small-pox opium is invaluable.
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larly of marshes, is in its nature sedative and debilitating.
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the larger, is embedded in subperitoneal fat, and presents changes
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Acquired talipes calcaneus is the result either of infantile paralysis or
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anus, and we wish the track to heal by granulation, I have seen it ad-
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