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Drugs which color the urine: Carbolic acid — dark green; rhu-
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In the dog, from which gastric juice can be obtained in considerable quantities,
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varied from five to fifteen grains for children up to three years of age, and
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the thin walls. These patches may be of considerable size, and may
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themselves, provided we first know clearly what the problems
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occurred in the lower part of the left lumbar region, and
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side one. Inguinal glands on both sides enlarged. Faint rash
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Producing ethical Solutions for the Medical Profession exclusively.
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pression with the cephalotribe, when a diminution in one direction in-
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only by an increase of the existing symptoms. It is rarely abrupt and the
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A man by the name of Henry S. Lawson, has published
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the household, in the person of the little first-born especially, before the
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are invested and jealously guarded. In the Government
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the Schamans of Thibet and of the coast of Malabar.
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as I have been enabled to collect by thirty years practice,
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sequence of the presence of a considerable number of air-bubbles.
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and swollen, and gradually changing its color from red to yellow
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almost universal lack of appreciation of its frequency. Inflamma-
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of Medicine in the Universit}^ of Innsbriick. Authorised
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in the usual direction, succeeds only by lacerating much more exten-
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gas sepsis, in there during life, is a question difficult to answer. I have al-
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black ; the inner one is a mixture of black and green, which lines
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fact. The autocrat has a far-seeing vision in such directions.
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in a fracture at the outer third of the clavicle. You note how
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*DOWXES, Nathaniel, 49 Maverick Sq., E. Boston — 1878.
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in the way of an effectual cure of small-pox. The mode
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and Gregory, very few even of the most generally admitted facts
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these positions being selected by a close study of the initial