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face. With laudable efforts to diminish the fearful severities of their prac-

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modified in the minds of investigators, some going so far as to

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ontal, tilted so as to be perpendicular to the base of

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" He keeps by him the colon of a dog, to the villous

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addressing themselves to the understanding. There is a prevailing disproportion

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inadvisability of giving thyroid extract in this disease. — Ibid.

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cinematograph, we are taught that every effect has its cause. And it

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and as House Surgeons for the last six months ; two

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stamp, the other four, all sent by mail, post-paid, for 25c.

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a false sense of security to omit the local and systemic

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6th. The surest mode of using iodine in a bath, is first to dissolve

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his averages of the best quality, applied to them the necessary corrections, or limited

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nec's excellent anatomical description ; yet concerning the mode

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relief, I do not know where I should have brought up, but I expect in some Insane

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this time from symptoms of chronic uraemia, from uncontrollable vomiting and con-

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countable, polycrotons, and compressible, the rate being almost 140.

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during this time, and as this occurs at that time when,

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arterio- venous form, and it is probable that a great number of the successfiod


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a culture fluid composed of equal parts of blood-serum, glycerine, and

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the lower bowel, and is best treated by large enemata, massage to the

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does not embrace a sufficiently large number of esters, and is offered

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ment in addition to those attained by the average of

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many who have attempted its cure without first reaching

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behind them. Italy however has recently honoured the

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management of these cases. The abdominal band in infants is


pointing prominence noticed on 18th March was so thin, as to cause apprehen-

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which came on after the day's work ; and in Mayne's case (VII.) swell-

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and Principal Scientist at the Durham V. A. Hospital

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that the level of the ground water in Belize is determined solely

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brilliant work in this connection until the time of Poiseuille and

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given in necessary amounts have prevented its use. So pro-

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ture does not vary in health more than a degree on either side of

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tubes were inserted, and the woimd closed by silver-

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upon before the inflammation had extended far in the neck, and the

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2dly. Having spoken of the Privy Passage, I come now to

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, composed of nitro-muriatic acid in bitter infusion. In Nos. 2, 4, and 6, the

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A Treatise on Orthopjedic Surgery. By Edward H. Bradford,

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tions are independent of variations in temperature. The pulse

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A series of sections of the cord made from above downward demonstrates

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when the practice of medicine was enveloped in the mysteries